Broke.East Stadium Meet

Broke.East is a group known for throwing huge, show like events without the whining and over-competitiveness that a lot of shows these days bring in. It's the best of both worlds, enormous turn out, relaxed vibe. The only drawback to the event was the immense heat, but that did not seem to phase show goers as cars flooded in for almost four hours! Luckily, the chosen venue, DODD Stadium, is meant to handle crowds, so it never got out of control. \

Events like this always have surprises and Broke.East's Stadium Meet was no exception. Blacked Out Motorsports brought out a huge selection of Japanese imports including R33s, S15s, R32s, S13 Silvias, a 180SX, a second gen MR2, and even a kei truck, a type of micro vehicle from Japan featuring a motor smaller than 660cc and the size to match. Other surprises included cars such as a full J's Racing kitted S2000, a Liberty Walk GTR, and an R34 GTR. Even one of the food vendors was pulling their trailer with a modified dually! 

Not all cars had their special features in your face, some like the LS swapped Z32 300ZX, the rather tame looking R35 GTR hiding an 800hp tuning package, or the slammed Honda CR-V with the shaved engine bay, hid their surprises rather well, only for those curious enough to take a peek. It was cars like these that were great examples of how the import tuning scene is changing for the better, with many cars with a heavy emphasis on aesthetics now featuring a more complete package with a lot more attention spent under the hood. 

Broke.East knows how to throw a good event, and we look forward to seeing what the come up with in the future.

The Collective

During the warmer months of the year, Beastcoast, an east coast centric automotive lifestyle company, hosts a series of exclusive invite-only meets unlike many others in the New England area. The setting feels similar to a Fast and the Furious set or like one of Japan's famed PA meets with it's darker lighting and Boston's city background. Compared to many other events, The Collective was small, creating a relaxed, friendly environment. Everybody talked to everyone, and there never felt to be any competitiveness or bad vibes between event goers.

The events exclusivity keeps it small but quality high. Cars in attendance ranged from 800hp GTRs to air ride equipped luxury automobiles. There was even a couple slammed mini trucks! Brands and styles from across the globe were well represented. 


Just as fast as it started, people trickled out to start the next part of their late night car activities, which is actually the best part of the event because the combination of the long straight that runs past the event, and the excellent acoustics means the end of the event is closed out with a symphony of horsepower echoing through Boston's tunnels and overpasses. 

Waterfest 22

The Volkswagen community is a dedicated bunch. Despite searing temperatures, nearly tangible humidity, and a flash hurricane, they could not be turned away from Waterfest.

Catering, but not exclusive to, water-cooled Volkswagens and Audis, Waterfest is a Mecca for VAG tuning, and this year marked its 22nd consecutive year. The beauty of Waterfest is that there is something for everyone. Whether you like your cars low and wide, fast at all cost, or something in between, it was there in attendance. Some were a mix of both, such as a particular B6 Passat on air with 3 piece wheels hiding a large turbo beneath its hood, or the big turbo, bagged Euro market Audi S3. Many of the performance minded cars were able to flex their muscle on the drag strip throughout the day to see who could climb their way to the top of the bracket.

The show portion of the event had a relaxed vibe. Event goers parked with their friends, pulled up chairs, and bonded over their common love of German automobiles.

The vendors' section was a gold mine of the current crop of desirable Volkswagen/Audi tuning parts and accessories. Even companies like Thule had a display of incredible cars outside their booth. Tuning companies had their racecars showcasing their ultimate tuning packages while wheel and suspension companies had their latest products fitted to beautiful and exotic machines. For the best products out there, it was the place to show off your latest and greatest, which is why Waylens made appearing a priority!

At last year's Waterfest, we came with an idea, and this year we came with a product. The VW/Audi community exhibited a real enthusiasm towards our cameras. We had them on display for everyone to experience the real idea of how data and video could become one. The responses were overwhelmingly positive. We also had cameras installed in our two booth cars, Andy's white, stage 2+ Mk6 GTI and Adam's yellow, K04 20th Anniversary GTI.

The highlights of Waterfest were the broad spectrum of cars in attendance, ranging from slammed Beetles to a Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series, and the feeling of community amongst enthusiasts. Nobody felt unapproachable and everyone was welcoming to answer questions and chat. It is definitely an event worth checking out for those interested in Germany's automotive!

Masstuning Imports VS. Domestics

Import or domestic? Which is faster? Which looks better?

These questions have been asked for as long as domestics and imports have been around. The folks at Masstuning put together the imports VS. domestic event to let us as enthusiasts test out our preferred cars, however, this event could never put the argument to rest after all. At the end of the day, whether you drive home in your Supra or in your Charger, we all share the same passion for cars.  At this event we got to show off all of our hard work, lay down some rubber, and have a great time with other enthusiasts.

Pulling into the grass-lot at New England Dragway, I could tell by the cars parked outside that I was in for a good time. I was amazed by the turn out.  I was expecting a crowd but not this size! Making my way over to the stands it hit me how even the split between the domestics and imports, as far as i could tell the turnout for both was nearly identical. After checking around the show for a bit and speaking with some show-goers, I set myself up at the top of the stands to document the shootout between the two classes of the day.

Everyone who participated gave it their all.  There was no worry of breaking parts or having bald tires at the end of the day. Whether the participants were driving in an all out track car, or just a street car with a tune, everyone just wanted to have a good time.  Many of the races were decided by mere fractions of a second, others by maybe a few seconds. Feeling as though I had documented the event as well as I could from the stands I left my perch to get some closer shots.

Beautiful cars made their way out to this event.  From fully built STI’s and S550’s, to an original 70’s Celica.  I made my way around to find the owners of some of these amazing cars, sadly I could not find them all.  The ones I did manage to track down were very friendly and happy to share their builds with me.  The debate of which is best between Imports and Domestics may still be raging on today and will keep going on for years and years.  However, the purpose of this event was not to settle an argument. The event was a chance for all of us as enthusiast to come together and enjoy a day of racing, meet others who share the same passion we do, and beat up our cars trying to make the case for one is best!

The Taklimakan Rally

You’ve heard of the Baja 1000 and Dakar, but have you ever heard of Taklimakan?

The Taklimakan Rally is held annually in Xinjiang province of China and is the largest rally in Asia. It’s been held annually since 2005 and has now grown to include over 2,000 competitors. The name Taklimakan comes from the desert in which the race takes place. Taklimakan desert is known for its extreme terrain and high temperatures that can reach highs as hot as Death Valley in California. The course is over 6,000 km crossing dusty flat lands to sandy dunes.

At Waylens, we were lucky to have our camera go along for the ride. Professional rally driver Xudong He was kind enough to help us test the Waylens camera under some of the most extreme conditions in the World. Check out the video above for wicked footage from the Waylens camera and amazing scenes from the Taklimakan Rally.

Wicked Big Meet 2016

It was another beautiful and sunny record setting day for Wicked Big Meet.  With over 7,600 attendees and Subarus as far as the eye can see, #WBM2016 blew away last years numbers and remains the largest Subaru festival in the world.  

A lot has changed since we first attended Wicked Big in 2015.  When we attended last year, we had a prototype and some direction; this year we had product.  People eagerly gathered to ask questions and watch live our demos throughout the day, while also enjoying the on-going activities around the event.  As the low-car limbo, autocross, and loudest exhaust contests drew large crowds, we continued showing off our new goods but from what we saw and heard, it must have been awesome.

Bucky Lasek was also in attendance, racing around the autocross course, signing autographs and posing for pictures.  For those who do not know who Bucky is, he is a professional skateboarder and Rallycross driver, experienced "Gumballer" and all-around badass.  This is perfect for the Subaru community because that's exactly who makes up a majority of Subaru enthusiasts at these shows: young, energetic, outgoing youths with a passion for speed, sports, the outdoors, and new technology.  Speaking of new technology, Subaru of New England also unveiled the latest 2017 BRZ Series.Yellow (pictures below).  With an upgraded engine behind its slightly tweaked front end, the 2017 BRZ Series.Yellow will put out 205hp with a smoother power curve.  This newly found power can be enjoyed from behind an upgraded dashboard with new trim and a new steering wheel.  Personally, I was hoping for more.  An AWD version of the BRZ would have been great, but sadly no. I am of the opinion that Subaru should have done what I found a few booth spaces over.  There I found a Blue FRS with a second favorite car of the day.

Preview The Waylens Android App

Thank you for staying tuned to the latest at Waylens!

In this week's update we wanted to give you a preview of our Android App. In developing the Android App, we’ve tried to follow recommended material design best practices closely to ensure a great user experience across Android platforms and devices. The video above is meant to provide a quick overview of the App. We’ll be providing much more detailed documentation in the future.

In addition, we want to take a moment to get you up to speed regarding our supply chain disruption mentioned in previous updates. We recently received confirmation that our first batch of sensors has shipped. Therefore, we will be able to complete manufacturing and ship our first batch of cameras by end of May! The first batch of cameras will be shipped to Super Early Bird backers. We will have a second batch shipping to Super Early Bird backers in mid June.

It’s amazing to think that we have finally reached the point on this journey where we are shipping the Waylens camera to our customers. It’s been a long journey, and there’s still a lot of work to do, but we could not have reached this point without the unending support and feedback from you, our backers. We sincerely appreciate your patience and the trust you’ve placed in us.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at

Thank you again for your patience and continuing support.

2016 New England Dustoff

5:15am:  Alarm won’t stop...

5:20am:  Walk the dog…

5:45am:  Where’s my Waylens hoodie?

5:55am:  Do I have everything?

6:00am:  Cold start...

6:05am:  Large ice, one cream, two Equal and a bacon egg and cheese on a everything bagel please...

6:10am:  Wheels rolling 5 minutes early…

This past weekend the Waylens team ventured down to Thompson Motor Speedway for 2016 New England Dustoff, the largest VW/Audi only automotive event in New England.  Having never attended this show before, I was uncertain as to what to expect. However, after seeing no less than a dozen marked and unmarked police cruisers as I made my way toward Connecticut, I knew it was poised to be a great one.  Uncertain weather on the horizon lead us to setup inside the paddock alongside a number of other vendors and trophy-winning show cars ensuring that we would remain dry should the skies open up.   Thankfully we did. 

Around 11am the rain began and attendees started funneling inside the paddock looking to stay dry until the clouds passed.  Perfect!  Our friend Adam Gray’s yellow 20th Anniversary GTI was looking the part next in our booth and people were starting to notice.  With an early Waylens Beta Unit setup in the windshield, show-goers were drawn to see what the Waylens was all about.  Oh... did I forget to mention we were showing off a few beta units that we received less than 24hrs before the show?  Our CEO flew 14 hours, had a 3 hour layover, flew another 2 hours, slept 4 hours, dropped his kids off at lacrosse, and then drove to Thompson Motor Speedway to deliver the latest in motorsport camera greatness.

We received a lot of interest and feedback, and even met a few of our backers.  Taken by surprise, these backers were given a chance to see first-hand how the Waylens has come along.  A number of attendees were excited to learn that not only does our camera record the highest quality videos possible, but also that our camera displays live performance data.  From Boost and RPM, to G-forces and MAF, people did not realize that our camera can be used in place of an assortment of auxiliary gauges, saving time, money and lot of wiring.  

Dustoff was a great way to kickoff the show season.  While I did not have the chance to see each car at the show, I was really impressed by the amount of detail found in the majority of builds I did see.  From stanced and bagged Dubs, stripped and caged race cars, to VW Buses and Westfalias, Dustoff had every type of VW build you could hope to see.  Maybe I'm getting old, but my two favorite builds were the caged MKIV GTI with a hardwood floor (below), and the Blue Westfalia with camper top, roof box and roof rack (not pictured). 

A big thank you goes out to everyone that stopped by to see what Waylens is all about.  It's safe to say that we will be returning to Dustoff in 2017.

The Waylens Shake 'n Bake

Thank you for staying tuned! High temperatures, loud noises, and a whole lot of shaking continue to fill the Waylens office as we scientifically test the Waylens' reliability and durability.

This week, the Waylens engineers observed our beloved camera take a beating that would make even Muhammad Ali jealous. We have spent months designing a series of rigorous tests that put the Waylens through conditions experienced well beyond those found in an automobile. These tests include exposure to extreme conditions over both long and short time periods, varied G-Forces, temperatures, vibration frequencies and amplitudes. The above video is a brief behind the scenes look at one of such tests.

Regarding our supply chain disruption mentioned in last week's update, we have not heard specific confirmation that our sensors have shipped. However, it appears that the Sony is making progress towards resuming operations. Yesterday, Sony released their third update regarding production disruptions due to the earthquakes in the Kumamoto region of Japan. To read the entire press release, please click here.

The Waylens Team eagerly awaits confirmation that our supplies have shipped, or will be shipping as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at

Thank you again for your patience and continuing support!

Earthquakes in Japan Disrupt Waylens Supply Chain

We would like to inform you about a disruption to our supply chain. Our supply chain has been affected due to the recent earthquakes in Japan and the subsequent after shocks. Our camera’s CMOS image sensor is sourced from Sony in the Kumamoto prefecture of Japan. Two large earthquakes have hit the area recently. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the earthquakes. Fortunately, Sony has informed us that nobody was harmed at their facility.

Our order of sensors was already packaged and ready to be shipped to our final assembly manufacturer. However, the continuous aftershocks have prevented any personnel from entering the factory. As stated in Sony’s press release this week, it is unknown how long the aftershocks will continue to prevent Sony’s Kumamoto Technology Center from returning to normal operation:

We’ve been operating with just-in-time supply chain in order to reduce our working capital. This supply chain disruption leaves us with a critical shortage of image sensors, which has forced us to reschedule the production run of our super early bird units. We have rescheduled production of the super early bird units with our manufacturing partner to begin the last week of May, assuming Sony’s operations are back to normal by then.

We also expect this to impact delivery for all backers beyond the super early bird units. Our production cannot go from 0 to 100 overnight. In order to guarantee the Waylens camera quality meets our standards, we want to ensure there is adequate time after production of the beta units to work out any manufacturing kinks. Therefore, we expect the next backer group (early bird units) to ship in July instead of June and the rest of the units to ship in August instead of July.

We apologize to you, our backers, especially the super early bird backers, for these delays. We are making every effort to bring the Waylens camera to you as soon as possible without compromising on quality.

Our team is on the ground at our manufacturing partners facilities to ensure we can begin production as soon as all our supply chain is back to normal. We’ll be posting updates to you as we receive more information.