America Needs Diesel Power

Lets Talk Class 1 Midsize Trucks I’m personally a Toyota Tacoma fan and have been since 2010. That is the year that I shifted from the Ford Expedition to the little 4 liter V-6 Tacoma. This little truck completely changed my outlook on life. I was under the opinion that if it wasn’t a big naturally aspirated V-8 then it wasn’t worth my time. Fast forward 5 years and I can’t imagine life without my little Tacoma.

The all new Toyota Tacoma Picture courtesy of Michigan Live

I think that there are plenty out there who have had similar experiences when it comes to the Tacoma but there is a new vehicle that I am sure has caught your eye like it has caught mine. This is the Chevrolet Colorado. It is not only the styling that caught my attention but the changes that are being made to it. Chevrolet is releasing, to my knowledge, the first class 1 light weight diesel truck in a long time.

Chevrolet has decided to take an iconic diesel engine, the Duramax engine and toss it in it's baby model, the Colorado. Why you might ask, I have no idea. But man do I love it. I have always thought to myself, why, in every other country do they have light weight diesels but in the United States of America, we are still trapped by low torque gas engines. I have always been fixated on the Toyota Hilux, aka the Tacoma with a diesel engine. Well it is time for American midsize truck owners to rejoice.

Picture curtesy of

Lets look at the number for a second. I would like to check out the all new 3.5L V6 Tacoma and the 2.8L 4 cylinder Duramax to be offered by Chevy and GMC.


2016 Toyota Tacoma 2016 Chevy Colorado
Engine 3.5L - 6 Cylinder 2.8L – 4 Cylinder
HP 278 hp 181 hp
Torque 265 lb-ft @ 4600 rpm 369 lb-ft @ 2,000 rpm
Max Towing Capabilities 6,800 7,700 lbs
Price $35,000-$38000 $34,000 +

These numbers can mean many things to many people. I see these numbers pointing to the Chevy being a more capable vehicle with more potential at a better price. As most people know, diesels have always been easily modified to create high horse power and high torque. That being said there is much more that may be done with the Duramax engine. The Tacoma has a lot of history behind it and it is a tried and proven vehicle rocking a new engine for 2016.  The bad news for the Tacoma is that it will cost more and possibly deliver less. It is a matter of time, assuming all goes well with the Colorado, for other manufacturers to catch on with the diesel trend.