Broke.East Stadium Meet

Broke.East is a group known for throwing huge, show like events without the whining and over-competitiveness that a lot of shows these days bring in. It's the best of both worlds, enormous turn out, relaxed vibe. The only drawback to the event was the immense heat, but that did not seem to phase show goers as cars flooded in for almost four hours! Luckily, the chosen venue, DODD Stadium, is meant to handle crowds, so it never got out of control. \

Events like this always have surprises and Broke.East's Stadium Meet was no exception. Blacked Out Motorsports brought out a huge selection of Japanese imports including R33s, S15s, R32s, S13 Silvias, a 180SX, a second gen MR2, and even a kei truck, a type of micro vehicle from Japan featuring a motor smaller than 660cc and the size to match. Other surprises included cars such as a full J's Racing kitted S2000, a Liberty Walk GTR, and an R34 GTR. Even one of the food vendors was pulling their trailer with a modified dually! 

Not all cars had their special features in your face, some like the LS swapped Z32 300ZX, the rather tame looking R35 GTR hiding an 800hp tuning package, or the slammed Honda CR-V with the shaved engine bay, hid their surprises rather well, only for those curious enough to take a peek. It was cars like these that were great examples of how the import tuning scene is changing for the better, with many cars with a heavy emphasis on aesthetics now featuring a more complete package with a lot more attention spent under the hood. 

Broke.East knows how to throw a good event, and we look forward to seeing what the come up with in the future.