Clean Culture X Autofest 2015

Another day, another awesome car show for us here at Team Waylens! This past Sunday we made the looooong trek down to Clean Culture x AutoFest 2015 located in (eventually) sunny Pomona, New York! We were up before the dawn and met at our office at 5 AM. Once we got the car all packed up and ready to go, we began our journey to the Provident Bank Stadium.

The voyage was not the easiest. We weren't aware that a weather warning had been issued for the day and midway through our drive we were met with torrential downpours! We aren't talking a light sprinkle here--it was raining buckets! So much so that even with the windshield wipers turned on max it was still difficult to see the lines of the highway and our fellow driver's brake lights! Once the weather began to clear up it was smooth sailing. We ended up getting to the event at 8:30, shaving 15 minutes off our original expected arrival time!

It had begun raining again when we arrived at the stadium, so once we made our way to our designated vendor spot we quickly set up our tent and proceeded to set up the rest of our vendor booth.

The event started slowly, but quickly picked up as modded car after modded car roared into the parking lot. By 10:30-11:00 there were eager petrolheads walking around, checking out the cars and the vendors. We spent the day under our tent talking to some spectators and trying to beat the heat. By midday the rain had cleared and the temperature had risen to an uncomfortable level! We were lucky to have had the shade of our tent but we ended up leaving with some sunburns regardless!

All in all the event was a lot of fun, and we ended up meeting some pretty cool folks! We've begun rolling out our username reservation program, and we had a few interested parties enter our email raffle and sign up for their own Waylens username! We'll be picking the winner of that raffle by the end of the week--but lets take a moment to thank everyone who stopped by our booth! We appreciated the enthusiasm and the company!

We had another long ride ahead of us, so we packed everything back off into our car and headed north towards Boston. We ended up getting back home at 7:30, so we had ourselves one heck of a long day!

If you're interested in seeing the photos we took at the event, check out the album on our Facebook page! There are a ton of cool cars in there, so you'd be missing out if you didn't!

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