Quality You Can See

First and foremost, some news regarding our production timeline and estimated delivery as outlined in the Kickstarter campaign: WE'RE ON SCHEDULE! In the past two months since the campaign ended, we’ve finalized our manufacturing partner relationships and have been working with our partners to prepare for ramping up production. We focused heavily on DFM (design for manufacturability) when designing the product, and it’s paid off! Development of the manufacturing process for our product has been running smoothly. We’re continuing to work hard to ensure that there are no surprises when we ramp up production.

In addition to manufacturing, for the past two months, the Waylens team has spent countless days and nights fine-tuning our cameras' video quality. This is a very important step towards finalizing manufacturing and cannot be understated. It hasn't been easy but we're just about done! Having considered and made our final selection of components, all measurements and settings need to be finalized before we start mass-manufacturing. With a few more adjustments and tweaks, we'll be good to go!

Resolution is not everything. Image quality is also a function of pixel size, sensor size, and the DSP. If you wish to learn more about video quality and the steps we've taken, read our latest article: There’s More to Video Quality than Resolution: 1080p vs. 4k.

Thank you again for your support! We truly appreciate all of the great comments we've received.