Earthquakes in Japan Disrupt Waylens Supply Chain

We would like to inform you about a disruption to our supply chain. Our supply chain has been affected due to the recent earthquakes in Japan and the subsequent after shocks. Our camera’s CMOS image sensor is sourced from Sony in the Kumamoto prefecture of Japan. Two large earthquakes have hit the area recently. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the earthquakes. Fortunately, Sony has informed us that nobody was harmed at their facility.

Our order of sensors was already packaged and ready to be shipped to our final assembly manufacturer. However, the continuous aftershocks have prevented any personnel from entering the factory. As stated in Sony’s press release this week, it is unknown how long the aftershocks will continue to prevent Sony’s Kumamoto Technology Center from returning to normal operation:

We’ve been operating with just-in-time supply chain in order to reduce our working capital. This supply chain disruption leaves us with a critical shortage of image sensors, which has forced us to reschedule the production run of our super early bird units. We have rescheduled production of the super early bird units with our manufacturing partner to begin the last week of May, assuming Sony’s operations are back to normal by then.

We also expect this to impact delivery for all backers beyond the super early bird units. Our production cannot go from 0 to 100 overnight. In order to guarantee the Waylens camera quality meets our standards, we want to ensure there is adequate time after production of the beta units to work out any manufacturing kinks. Therefore, we expect the next backer group (early bird units) to ship in July instead of June and the rest of the units to ship in August instead of July.

We apologize to you, our backers, especially the super early bird backers, for these delays. We are making every effort to bring the Waylens camera to you as soon as possible without compromising on quality.

Our team is on the ground at our manufacturing partners facilities to ensure we can begin production as soon as all our supply chain is back to normal. We’ll be posting updates to you as we receive more information.