The Tesla P85D/P90D

When we look at cars, we look at certain numbers such as how many valves does the engine have, how many cylinders are in the engine, what is the engines displacement, how much power does it make at X rpm? These are all numbers that are instilled in gear-heads brains. When we see a fast car we need to know these figures. Picture courtesy of

From here we then analyze the sound of the car. The E-63 has a deep growl to it, the Corvette has an even deeper wobble to it, the GTR has a tuned v6 sound to it and the F-type R has a sound I can’t even begin to describe. The F-type R has a breath taking sound unlike any other stock vehicle in its price range. It is a crisp yet raspy sound that just goes right to your soul.

So what happens when a vehicle comes along and breaks all the norms for gear-heads. When a vehicle is so quick that almost no other vehicle can touch it off the line. What happens is that gear heads want to get their heads in the engine bay and check this beast out. Well, I am sad to say that there is no “engine bay” for this car. There is a stack of batteries and 2 motors. There are very little mechanical parts and there is almost no sound when this vehicle moves.

Lets check out the numbers. This vehicle is all wheel drive which makes for amazing traction around the turns but more importantly it makes for great traction when launching. This car needs all the traction it can get because at 0 rpms the engine is generating 713 lb-ft or torque. That’s enough torque to rip the foundation out from under a house and there is no lag. If you thought its torque figure was impressive then you will be blown away by its 761 hp. This power is also ready to use immediately. The only thing in the way of how fast this power can get to the ground is how long it takes you to have your foot through the floor. Now, if you are able to put your foot through the floor immediately that means you will only have to wait 2.8 seconds until you are moving at 60 mph. If you hold on for 8.1 more seconds then you will be passing the quarter mile (10.9 seconds). The only flaw of this vehicle is that it isn’t fast enough. It can only go 155 mph. There is almost nothing that can be done to make it go any faster. Another flaw, it takes time to charge. Yes this is an all-electric vehicle. It is the Tesla P85D with the 90 kWh upgrade. You will have a cruising range of 253 miles and it will set you back a cool $118,000. But it is worth noting that to pay that much for a vehicle that has been smoking Lamborghinis, Ferraris and all other vehicles of the sort, not a bad deal.