Masstuning Imports VS. Domestics

Import or domestic? Which is faster? Which looks better?

These questions have been asked for as long as domestics and imports have been around. The folks at Masstuning put together the imports VS. domestic event to let us as enthusiasts test out our preferred cars, however, this event could never put the argument to rest after all. At the end of the day, whether you drive home in your Supra or in your Charger, we all share the same passion for cars.  At this event we got to show off all of our hard work, lay down some rubber, and have a great time with other enthusiasts.

Pulling into the grass-lot at New England Dragway, I could tell by the cars parked outside that I was in for a good time. I was amazed by the turn out.  I was expecting a crowd but not this size! Making my way over to the stands it hit me how even the split between the domestics and imports, as far as i could tell the turnout for both was nearly identical. After checking around the show for a bit and speaking with some show-goers, I set myself up at the top of the stands to document the shootout between the two classes of the day.

Everyone who participated gave it their all.  There was no worry of breaking parts or having bald tires at the end of the day. Whether the participants were driving in an all out track car, or just a street car with a tune, everyone just wanted to have a good time.  Many of the races were decided by mere fractions of a second, others by maybe a few seconds. Feeling as though I had documented the event as well as I could from the stands I left my perch to get some closer shots.

Beautiful cars made their way out to this event.  From fully built STI’s and S550’s, to an original 70’s Celica.  I made my way around to find the owners of some of these amazing cars, sadly I could not find them all.  The ones I did manage to track down were very friendly and happy to share their builds with me.  The debate of which is best between Imports and Domestics may still be raging on today and will keep going on for years and years.  However, the purpose of this event was not to settle an argument. The event was a chance for all of us as enthusiast to come together and enjoy a day of racing, meet others who share the same passion we do, and beat up our cars trying to make the case for one is best!