The Collective

During the warmer months of the year, Beastcoast, an east coast centric automotive lifestyle company, hosts a series of exclusive invite-only meets unlike many others in the New England area. The setting feels similar to a Fast and the Furious set or like one of Japan's famed PA meets with it's darker lighting and Boston's city background. Compared to many other events, The Collective was small, creating a relaxed, friendly environment. Everybody talked to everyone, and there never felt to be any competitiveness or bad vibes between event goers.

The events exclusivity keeps it small but quality high. Cars in attendance ranged from 800hp GTRs to air ride equipped luxury automobiles. There was even a couple slammed mini trucks! Brands and styles from across the globe were well represented. 


Just as fast as it started, people trickled out to start the next part of their late night car activities, which is actually the best part of the event because the combination of the long straight that runs past the event, and the excellent acoustics means the end of the event is closed out with a symphony of horsepower echoing through Boston's tunnels and overpasses.