The Waylens Shake 'n Bake

Thank you for staying tuned! High temperatures, loud noises, and a whole lot of shaking continue to fill the Waylens office as we scientifically test the Waylens' reliability and durability.

This week, the Waylens engineers observed our beloved camera take a beating that would make even Muhammad Ali jealous. We have spent months designing a series of rigorous tests that put the Waylens through conditions experienced well beyond those found in an automobile. These tests include exposure to extreme conditions over both long and short time periods, varied G-Forces, temperatures, vibration frequencies and amplitudes. The above video is a brief behind the scenes look at one of such tests.

Regarding our supply chain disruption mentioned in last week's update, we have not heard specific confirmation that our sensors have shipped. However, it appears that the Sony is making progress towards resuming operations. Yesterday, Sony released their third update regarding production disruptions due to the earthquakes in the Kumamoto region of Japan. To read the entire press release, please click here.

The Waylens Team eagerly awaits confirmation that our supplies have shipped, or will be shipping as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at

Thank you again for your patience and continuing support!