The Waylens Studio Preview

Thank you for staying tuned!

As you can imagine, the software we've developed to support the Waylens is rather complex. We have an iOS app, an Android app, and finally our desktop app, the Waylens Studio. 

The Waylens Studio is an important component to the Waylens system. It provides users a way to backup and store their files, as well as transcode 1080p / 60 frames per second videos with data overlays. Compared to the list of mobile apps features below, it does not have 1) setup, 2) remote control, 4) video feed, nor 5) setting changes. Instead, it focuses on:

1) Video editing and sharing - focus on 1080p/60fps video stream, which requires higher computational power to process. When the editing is done, we do support: 

  • Directly exporting the original video without data overlays in a preferred format;
  • Transcode the original video with data overlays and music and export it in a preferred format;
  • Not only export the video with required format, but also share the exported video on 3rd-party platform such as Youtube and Facebook;

2) Backing up contents - for our applications, the contents on the SD card will be overridden quickly, so many users might have the need to back up contents from the SD card onto some other external/local storage in order not to lose contents. Our desktop software allows a user to do this.

As a reminder, the file formats we store on the SD card are in a proprietary format that a user cannot directly/easily work with. With high likelihood a user needs to use our mobile/desktop app to process the recorded video into a desirable state, either to .mp4 video or to the cloud. 

This concludes this the preview of our Beta Desktop Software. Be sure to check out that Software Structure image below, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at

Thank you again for your patience and continuing support!