The Waylens System

Happy Friday and thank you for staying tuned!  

The Waylens team has been working excitedly, but diligently, on installing fun behind our backers' steering wheels. The past few weeks have been hectic, but tremendously rewarding for us, as we approach the last phases of productization.   In the last few backer updates, we showed you sample units of the camera and our progress on iOS software. To get you up to speed on our hardware development, there are five other standalone hardware components in addition to the main camera body - 1) OBD-II dongle, 2) steering wheel remote, 3) windshield mount, 4) charging adapter, and 5) cigarette lighter with charging cables, resulting in a complex system with wired or wireless interfaces connecting them. The encouraging news is that all components of the Waylens system, not only the camera body, but also internal circuitry included, have been finalized and sent off to manufacturing!   

This was inevitably an iterative process involving rounds of testing and redesign, interlaced with unexpected hurdles. For example, after rigorous testing, we decided to add the 10Hz GPS board to the mount, reduce the mount's overall length for improved stability, as well as upgrade the mount's heavy-duty suction cup.  Antenna tuning has been another key area we've been focusing on, as strengthened signal connectivity for Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS provide the basis of a superior user experience.   

Above are a few renderings of how our products look like from "engineers' eyes". It has been quite an adventure thus far, in next few weeks we will also provide you with more details of our software.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at  We truly appreciate all of the great comments we've received.

Thank you again for your patience and continuing support!