Wicked Big Meet 2016

It was another beautiful and sunny record setting day for Wicked Big Meet.  With over 7,600 attendees and Subarus as far as the eye can see, #WBM2016 blew away last years numbers and remains the largest Subaru festival in the world.  

A lot has changed since we first attended Wicked Big in 2015.  When we attended last year, we had a prototype and some direction; this year we had product.  People eagerly gathered to ask questions and watch live our demos throughout the day, while also enjoying the on-going activities around the event.  As the low-car limbo, autocross, and loudest exhaust contests drew large crowds, we continued showing off our new goods but from what we saw and heard, it must have been awesome.

Bucky Lasek was also in attendance, racing around the autocross course, signing autographs and posing for pictures.  For those who do not know who Bucky is, he is a professional skateboarder and Rallycross driver, experienced "Gumballer" and all-around badass.  This is perfect for the Subaru community because that's exactly who makes up a majority of Subaru enthusiasts at these shows: young, energetic, outgoing youths with a passion for speed, sports, the outdoors, and new technology.  Speaking of new technology, Subaru of New England also unveiled the latest 2017 BRZ Series.Yellow (pictures below).  With an upgraded engine behind its slightly tweaked front end, the 2017 BRZ Series.Yellow will put out 205hp with a smoother power curve.  This newly found power can be enjoyed from behind an upgraded dashboard with new trim and a new steering wheel.  Personally, I was hoping for more.  An AWD version of the BRZ would have been great, but sadly no. I am of the opinion that Subaru should have done what I found a few booth spaces over.  There I found a Blue FRS with a RB26...my second favorite car of the day.