Waterfest 22

The Volkswagen community is a dedicated bunch. Despite searing temperatures, nearly tangible humidity, and a flash hurricane, they could not be turned away from Waterfest.

Catering, but not exclusive to, water-cooled Volkswagens and Audis, Waterfest is a Mecca for VAG tuning, and this year marked its 22nd consecutive year. The beauty of Waterfest is that there is something for everyone. Whether you like your cars low and wide, fast at all cost, or something in between, it was there in attendance. Some were a mix of both, such as a particular B6 Passat on air with 3 piece wheels hiding a large turbo beneath its hood, or the big turbo, bagged Euro market Audi S3. Many of the performance minded cars were able to flex their muscle on the drag strip throughout the day to see who could climb their way to the top of the bracket.

The show portion of the event had a relaxed vibe. Event goers parked with their friends, pulled up chairs, and bonded over their common love of German automobiles.

The vendors' section was a gold mine of the current crop of desirable Volkswagen/Audi tuning parts and accessories. Even companies like Thule had a display of incredible cars outside their booth. Tuning companies had their racecars showcasing their ultimate tuning packages while wheel and suspension companies had their latest products fitted to beautiful and exotic machines. For the best products out there, it was the place to show off your latest and greatest, which is why Waylens made appearing a priority!

At last year's Waterfest, we came with an idea, and this year we came with a product. The VW/Audi community exhibited a real enthusiasm towards our cameras. We had them on display for everyone to experience the real idea of how data and video could become one. The responses were overwhelmingly positive. We also had cameras installed in our two booth cars, Andy's white, stage 2+ Mk6 GTI and Adam's yellow, K04 20th Anniversary GTI.

The highlights of Waterfest were the broad spectrum of cars in attendance, ranging from slammed Beetles to a Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series, and the feeling of community amongst enthusiasts. Nobody felt unapproachable and everyone was welcoming to answer questions and chat. It is definitely an event worth checking out for those interested in Germany's automotive!